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The pioneer MemeFi project created by OGz like yourself who understand DeFi and the Meme culture. It's time to empower OGz and not only Meme projects that capitalize on Centralized Exchanges or influential individuals like official leaders. It's time to share, because we care!
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Affiliate Leaderboard

OGz affiliate program

One of the unique features of the OGz platform is the referral program, which allows OGz to be part of an ecosystem where a 1% tax provides a sustainable way to get rewarded by referring new users.

OGz goes beyond being a DeFi project inspired by Meme culture. It aims to create a financial system that is inclusive and equitable, using the power of blockchain technology and the creativity of Meme culture. OGz seeks to revolutionize the DeFi landscape, enabling everyone to access a more accessible financial system, regardless of their technical skills or knowledge.

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''At OGz, our community is not just a buzzword, it's a living entity that we cherish and nurture every day.
It sets us apart from other DeFi and Meme projects, and we're committed to keeping it strong and vibrant.

That's why we call this revolutionary OGz MemeFi.'' - OGz.CEO

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OGz Lottery
Have fun and earn at the same time
Welcome to the OGz Lottery, the most exciting and rewarding way to play with in the OGz ecosystem. OGz Lottery is a decentralized lottery platform that runs on the blockchain. OGz Lottery is fair, transparent, and secure. All the lottery results are verifiable on the blockchain, and the prize pool is automatically distributed to the winners.
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Enjoy an active and
amazing community

We wanna show love and give credit where credit is due to those who continue to ride with us as we make moves and take over the crypto game.

So listen up, my fellow OGzs! It's time to step up and get involved with the realest DeFi & Meme project out there.

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Why DeFi?

DeFi projects typically incentivize users solely through the token supply, which can create an artificial pump by relying on programs such as staking, liquidity provision, and rewards that are all based on generating selling pressure from the total supply. In contrast, OGz MemeFi is introducing innovative features based on our DeFi experience, including dynamic staking, a referral program, a marketing, and a future vault.

Anti-Cheating System

Because we are MemeFi we understand DeFi and thats why we created the first anti-cheating system for referrals to stop any individuals from re-creating a new wallet and leverage the referral system by adding themselves to gain a competitive advantage over others.

Dynamic Staking

We understand the power of staking but as well understand the harm it can cause as it normally comes from the total supply therefore we have introduced the first Dynamic Staking where 1% of the tax will be filled inside the staking contract and we will announce different staking pools based on the demands.


The governance will include a dashboard where the community can discuss all proposals before the vote. Our official Reddit page will be the place to be for active community members, while our Medium/Gitbook page will be used for announcements.

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OGz Tax Distribution

1% Referrals

0.5% Dynamic Staking | Only On Sale

0.2% Future Plans Vault | Only On Sale

0.3% Marketing | Only On Sale

OGz Tokenomics & Token Distribution

OGz has chosen to base its total token supply on the
atomic number of the periodic symbol Og.

Total Supply OGz


The liquidity of a token is crucial for its success, and at OGz MemeFi, we understand this. That's why 60% of the total supply collected is allocated to ensure there is always enough liquidity for our users. This ensures that our users can buy, sell, and trade OGz tokens with ease and at fair prices, making OGz MemeFi a reliable and trusted platform for all of their financial needs.


Security - OGz Audits

Security is everything and we will get help from the best security
professionals in the world to ensure the safety of our ecosystem.

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''It's an amazing experience collaborating with a talented international team, where everyone brings their
unique expertise to the table, and seeing exceptional ideas come to fruition.

I can't express how thrilled and excited I am.'' - OGz.Project Manager


From Meme to dream

  1. timeline1

    OGz was born

    The groundwork was laid for a completely unique blockchain project that combines DeFi and Meme culture in a revolutionary way. We proudly call it MemeFi.

  2. timeline2

    Solid collab, the crew's on point

    Our CEO acted as a conductor in assembling the most talented and dedicated team. It was like an Italian job, where our international team works towards achieving the best.

  3. timeline3

    Ready to go

    After an exhilarating building process, we are ready to get to work. We are thrilled to introduce MemeFi OGz and its private sale round.

  4. timeline4

    Are you ready, OGz?

    Let's set this place on fire. Spread the word to everyone, OGz has launched.


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