Brand Assets
Marketing and community contribution are some of the essentials of OGz project. We invite our fellow gang members to contribute with their meme, illustrations, videos, and so on and help grow our gang. Here you can get some of our assets and guidelines to help you in your contribution.
Our Logo
Make sure wherever you place our beloved logo, you got a good contrast and the logo is clear and noticeable enough.
Our Font - Poppins
Poppins, Designed by Indian Type Foundry and Jonny Pinhorn, is a geometric sans serif typeface that is published under the Open Font License. So OGz can use it freely without any concern.
Our Colors
Here is our main color palette, which evokes associations with OGz. Try to use them as much as possible in your contributions.
OGz on Media
Coin 1
Coin 2
Godfather Illustration
OGz as Godfather
OGz Having a Gun
OGz in Istanbul
Scarface - OGz Sitting
Scarface - The World is Yours
Traveling Blue
If you got any questions, join our Telegram community and ask there. Our team and community are always ready to help you.